Support for National Antenna & Tower Safety Center’s RF Safety Solution

As we shared in a previous post, numerous parties—including labor unions, contractor associations, technologists, and other industry experts—are demanding a solution to the problem of workers being exposed to dangerous RF radiation at their jobsites.  There is, in fact, a solution to properly address this problem.  All these parties have done their own due diligence to determine what solution may be available to protect workers and they’ve all come to the same conclusion:  National Antenna & Tower Safety Center (parent company RF CHECK) has the only solution to properly protect all workers at every wireless transmission site in the nation. 
Here are a few examples of the support for the NA&TSC solution:

 “RF CHECK has patented a dynamic database solution that we believe is the only protocol to provide comprehensive, site specific RF safety information to our membership and others who may work in close proximity to RF transmitting antennas.

Since our meeting the NA&TSC has been working diligently with some of the world’s largest insurers to develop a product which will provide no-cost coverage against RF injury claims at all wireless sites for carriers, tower operators, site owners, and contractors who follow the NA&TSC safety protocol. The ability to be vetted by prominent insurers speaks volumes of the effectiveness of NA&TSC model.

There is technology available to address this issue.  It has universally funded utilizing the existing regulatory recovery framework; it comes with RF exposure indemnification insurance.  It is a unified/standardized solution, and it makes a lot of sense.  The technology company I am speaking of is the National Antenna and Tower Safety Center.
Other organizations, while not specifically endorsing NA&TSC, have voiced their support for the type of solution that only NA&TSC provides:

This can be accomplished through a joint effort of all FCC licensees, site owners, contractors, workers, and others.  Construction workers and employers must be provided with RF radiation safety training, up to date site specific RF safety information, including the location and exposure associated with visible and "stealth antennas”, and the ability to shut off RF emitting antennas when workers are performing their tasks in close proximity.

All affected building owners, building managers, and building management companies should be required to inform all of their affected contractors and subcontractors about the presence of RF transmitting antennas, and provide them with a copy of the RF Radiation Exposure Summary Reports.

Current methods of restricted access, barriers and signs do not provide full compliance or protection for our members.  We support the adoption of an advanced, third party RF safety solution which would ensure comprehensive safety for our members and all workers whose jobs put them at risk.

Verizon and all other carriers should be required to ensure that anyone who works where wireless antenna systems are present has ready access to information about equipment locations, restricted areas, and how to go about having equipment powered down as needed to work safely.”
Even the FCC suggested in their recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that FCC licensees adopt a safety system similar to what only NA&TSC can provide.  Here are a few quotes from the NPRM:

  • Para. 76 – “. . . we are proposing specific rules elaborating upon written and/or verbal information, appropriate training, and signage and barrier requirements in the Further Notice, including consideration of third-party workers.”
  • Para. 84 – “. . . it is in the interest of these licensees to share information about power and other operating characteristics in order to achieve accurate representations of the RF environment.  The Commission continues to encourage all site occupants, owners, leasers, and managers to cooperate in these endeavors
  • Para. 182 – “In the context of satisfying the requirement to present written and/or verbal information to transient individuals and occupational personnel within controlled environments, we also clarify here that written information may include signs, maps, or diagrams showing where exposure limits are exceeded
  • Para. 193 - “NCRP’s 2002 Letter Report emphasizes the need for building owners and managers to be involved in the implementation of an RF safety program . . . we seek comment on how to better encourage cooperation between property owners, managers, and licensees in the implementation of RF safety programs.

As evidenced above, organizations representing workers being exposed to RF radiation have voiced their support for NA&TSC’s comprehensive RF safety solution to protect their members.  Only NA&TSC can provide a solution that guarantees the health and safety of all workers at all wireless transmission sites. This advanced technology creates a 21st-century solution to solve a 21st-century problem.

American workers and their families support the National Antenna & Tower Safety Center solution.

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