Insuring the Uninsurable

The insurance industry is in the business of identifying, quantifying, and minimizing risks to themselves and the businesses they insure. In 2013, AM Best, a leading insurance rating agency, described RF radiation as an emerging technology risk that results in overexposing an estimated 250,000 workers yearly. In addition to workers in the wireless industry, workers maintaining the sites where wireless facilities are housed and unknowingly working in close proximity to RF emitting antennas are also at risk. These workers include electricians, painters, roofers, HVAC technicians, among others. In the description, AM Best states:

Thermal effects of the cellular antennas, which act at close range essentially as open microwave ovens can include eye damage, sterility and cognitive impairments. While workers of cellular companies are well trained on the potential dangers, other workers exposed to the antennas are often unaware of the health risks. The continued exponential growth of cellular towers will significantly increase exposure to these workers and others coming into close contact with high-energy cell phone antenna radiation.

AM Best

As awareness within the insurance industry grew, Lloyd’s of London excluded injuries from RF radiation in their policies due to the substantial unrealized risk that the insurance industry faces by unmitigated RF radiation injuries.

However, after Lloyd’s excluded coverage for RF radiation exposure, National Antenna & Tower Safety Center (NA&TSC) developed a comprehensive solution that satisfied Lloyd’s serious reservations regarding safety. As a result, NA&TSC partnered with a Lloyd’s syndicate and one of the largest global reinsurers to create RF Indemnity Shield™, the first RF injury insurance product of its kind. Through this partnership, global insurers are now willing to re-enter the market and insure the stakeholders within the wireless ecosystem that follow the vetted NA&TSC protocol.

RF Indemnity Shield

The NA&TSC technology solution captures all wireless transmission sites in the nation and creates customized and easy-to-understand RF safety plans, which equip workers with the knowledge to keep themselves safe and ensure RF safety compliance. Through the safety process and RF Indemnity Shield™, NA&TSC guarantees worker safety and financially protects the other wireless stakeholders that follow the NA&TSC safety protocol including carriers, municipalities, site owners, and contractors--all at no cost to the participants.

RF Indemnity Shield™ is the only RF safety insurance product endorsed by global insurers. It physically protects workers and financially safeguards all parties in the wireless ecosystem. RF Indemnity Shield™ is an integral part of the NA&TSC technology solution. This advanced technology creates a 21st-century solution to solve a 21st-century problem.

It’s time for the wireless industry to do the right thing and adopt the NA&TSC safety protocol. 

American workers and their families support the National Antenna & Tower Safety Center solution.

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