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Antennas on Rooftop

Addressing the Public Concern Over 5G RF Radiation Safety

Safety and advancements in wireless technology do not have to be mutually exclusive. The public’s concern for living and working safely near these new 5G antennas need not conflict with the carrier’s requirement to meet the public’s insatiable demand for all things wireless.

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Wireless Tower

The Unavoidable Problem of RF Exposure

In today's technological world, no device is more highly valued to the average consumer than the cellphone. The number of wireless devices has increased to over 400,000,000 in the United States alone. To support these devices, the number of municipal and commercial antenna systems has exploded to 600,000 and is expected to continually grow exponentially.

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The Comprehensive National Antenna & Tower Safety Center RF Safety Solution

In our last blog post, we discussed the hazards of RF radiation exposure to industry and third-party workers performing their duties near wireless transmitting antennas. To address this problem, National Antenna and Tower Safety Center (NA&TSC) created and patented an innovative, multi-layered RF safety system. This unique solution provides physical and financial protection to all wireless stakeholders including workers, contractors, site owners, municipalities, and carriers.

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Carriers Alone Cannot Fully Protect Workers from RF Radiation at Cell Sites

In 2013, the FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), in part, to “ensure that [the FCC’s] measures are compliant with [the FCC’s] environmental responsibilities and requirements and that the public is appropriately protected from any potential adverse effects from RF exposure….” Comments were solicited from the wireless industry and the public to better inform the rulemaking changes. 

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RF Indemnity Shield

Insuring the Uninsurable

The insurance industry is in the business of identifying, quantifying, and minimizing risks to themselves and the businesses they insure. In 2013, AM Best, a leading insurance rating agency, described RF radiation as an emerging technology risk that results in overexposing an estimated 250,000 workers yearly

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Stealth Antenna

American Workers Are Being Over-Exposed to RF Radiation

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of American workers are potentially being over-exposed to hazardous radio frequency (RF) radiation every year?  According to a leading insurance industry rating agency,  AM Best, 250,000 workers per year come in close contact to transmitting antennas at cell sites. 

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RF Radiation Injuries

Connecting the Dots Between Third-Party Workers and RF Radiation Injuries

Commercial tradespeople (HVAC, painters, roofers, window washers, and electricians among others) are repetitively in front of RF transmitting antennas on commercial structures. They may be continually exposed without even knowing that they were placed in harm's way as RF radiation exposure comes with no warning sensation, is invisible, tasteless, and odorless.

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Tower Climbers

Protecting Tower Climbers

The wireless industry is currently missing the enforcement aspect of a comprehensive safety program to fully protect climbers from falls and injuries and all other workersthat must perform their duties near wireless antennas.

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RF Safety Obligations of Municipalities

RF radiation injuries occurring on municipal property can lead to litigation and may result in judgements or settlements which ultimately will be the burden of the taxpayer.

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Site Owners Blind to the Consequences of RF Radiation

Commercial building owners are blind to RF radiation hazards and unaware of their financial liabilities when executing their lease agreement. Furthermore, there are no safety standards or guidelines set for site owners and managers from governmental entities.

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RF and Tower Safety Obligations of Turf Vendors and Contractors

Turf vendors and contractors employ thousands of workers. In addition to the usual hazards, these workers also face two very dangerous hazards – falls from height and overexposure to RF radiation.

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NA&TSC's Response to FCC RF Safety Issue (Part 1)

Fire fighters, 3rd party workers and others are not provided with the necessary means to protect themselves from RF radiation injuries

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NA&TSC's Response to FCC RF Safety Issue (Part 2)

RF radiation injuries can result from the lack of communication among wireless stakeholders

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Hidden and camouflaged antennas

NA&TSC's Response to FCC RF Safety Issue (Part 3)

Hidden and camouflaged antennas pose an unseen danger to fire fighters, 3rd party workers and others

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Signs and barriers

NA&TSC's Response to FCC RF Safety Issue (Part 4)

Signs and barriers have been proven ineffective in protecting workers from RF radiation injuries

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Rransparent, effective, and sustainable solution

NA&TSC's Response to FCC RF Safety Issue (Part 5)

FCC lacks the funding to enforce existing RF safety regulations that protect the health and wellbeing of workers near RF transmitting antennas


Firefighters Must be Protected from RF Radiation at Wireless Sites

Protecting our nation's firefighters is essential. By adopting the NA&TSC gold-standard RF safety solution, firefighters will be equipped with the knowledge and patented protocol necessary to keep themselves safe while working near RF transmitting antennas.

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RF Radiation Overexposure

RF Radiation Overexposure: A Fact Sheet for the Public

The risk of RF radiation over-exposure from transmitting antennas has long been scientifically identified as a human health hazard and is recognized as such by the FCC. Cognitive/Psychological RF radiation injuries manifest as depression, anxiety, memory loss, uncontrolled mood swings, sleep disorders, and diminished or slowed cognitive function. 

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Antenna Site

Support for National Antenna & Tower Safety Center’s RF Safety Solution

As we shared in a previous post, numerous parties, including labor unions, contractor associations, technologists and other industry experts are demanding a solution to the problem of workers being exposed to dangerous RF radiation.  There is, in fact, a solution to properly address this problem. 

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Antennas on Rooftop

The Public Demands Safety

Former Apple CEO and 18 year board member of AT&T expresses his concerns of workers being overexposed to RF radiation to FCC Chairman Wheeler: “The new ubiquity of our facilities and the location of transmitters in more accessible areas than in the past means that large numbers of civilians and third-party workers—roofers, painters, and firefighters for example—render your rules for protecting the population from over-exposure areas out of date.” – Dr. Gil Amelio

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American workers and their families support the National Antenna & Tower Safety Center solution.