The Public Demands RF Safety for Unprotected Workers

Former Apple CEO and 18-year board member of AT&T expresses his concerns of workers being overexposed to RF radiation to FCC Chairman Wheeler: “The new ubiquity of our facilities and the location of transmitters in more accessible areas than in the past means that large numbers of civilians and third-party workers—roofers, painters, and firefighters for example—render your rules for protecting the population from over-exposure areas out of date.” – Dr. Gil Amelio

I believe at this critical point in time [the FCC has] a unique opportunity to assist in protecting workers and others and to lead the industry into continued growth.

Dr. Gil Amelio, former CEO of Apple Computer

Dr. Amelio is a scientist and physicist with a career in the communications industry spanning 48 years. His letter to the FCC addresses the antiquated provisions put in place to maintain the safety of those working near wireless transmitting antennas, and bring about a level of protection to shield first responders and third-party workers from the dangers of RF radiation exposure as they are unaware while performing their day-to-day duties at their worksites.  Dr. Amelio’s call to action is just one of many demanding safety for the American worker.

Rooftop cell antennas

As the number of RF emitting antennas increases, now at an even higher accelerated rate due to 5G planning and rollout, the exposure to workers also increases. As a result, industry technologists, labor unions, and Congressional members are calling for a comprehensive RF safety solution to protect industry and third-party workers.

Over the years, the following labor unions have expressed concern over RF radiation injuries to their members at wireless transmission sites:

Labor unions continue to lobby the wireless carriers, local governments, Congress, OSHA, and the FCC for the protection of their members.  Their combined membership, close to 5 million non-wireless industry workers, will be the ones most likely to be overexposed to RF radiation during the course of their work as they lack the training to recognize the dangers they face at a wireless site and the ability to protect themselves.

One of the most vocal of these groups has been the IBEW whom have demanded a level of protection for their members akin to that afforded to wireless industry employees.  Congressional representatives have been made aware of this issue and have strongly encouraged the agency that regulates RF safety (FCC) to properly address this unresolved human health hazard.

Congressional members have called for action from the FCC to address RF safety at wireless transmission sites in correspondence to former Chairman Genekowski, former Chairman Wheeler, and current Chairman Pai.  The congressional members echo the concern of their constituents regarding the occupational hazard of RF radiation and the unintended exposure of those who lack the information and training necessary to protect themselves.  Further, they express their apprehension over the wireless carriers growing use of “stealth” antennas as means of network proliferation as they make RF radiation hazards all the more difficult to identify.

Displaying a lack of willingness to address RF radiation exposure will only result in workers continuing to be exposed needlessly.

Milly Rodriguez, American Federation of Government Employees

National Antenna & Tower Safety Center (NA&TSC) has perfected a system to meet the public’s ongoing demand to provide all workers at wireless transmission sites with a safe working environment.  NA&TSC recognizes the challenges of providing RF site safety for workers and has created a globally patented safety protocol and technology solution to ensure the health and safety of all workers at all wireless transmission sites. This advanced technology creates a 21st-century solution to solve a 21st-century problem.

American workers and their families support the National Antenna & Tower Safety Center solution.

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