Site Owners Blind to the Consequences of RF Radiation

Wireless network infrastructure has dramatically adapted to the insatiable appetite of consumer data demands, and it continues to grow as the new 5G network is planned and deployed.  The result of this demand has made wireless sites ubiquitous and requires more antennas closer to the public and in urban centers.  This need for urban sites has brought the commercial building owner into the wireless ecosystem to host carrier’s transmitting equipment.

Stealth antennas on rooftop

Commercial building owners benefit from this relationship with wireless carriers from lease agreements that can gross tens of thousands of dollars annually with no effort on the part of the building owner.  RF radiating antennas are out-of-sight and out-of-mind as they are typically mounted on the rooftop or the sides of the building not regularly accessed.  However, routine maintenance requires that a multitude of trade personnel such as electricians, roofers, painters, HVAC, among others will place them in close proximity to transmitting antennas.

Commercial building owners are blind to RF radiation hazards and unaware of their financial liabilities when executing their lease agreement.  Furthermore, there are no safety standards or guidelines set for site owners and managers from governmental entities.

RF injury claims are excluded from all property insurance policies.

Common lease agreements between wireless carriers and commercial building owners sometimes contain an indemnification clause.  On the surface, this would seem to shield the building owners from any financial harm the carriers’ RF antennas may cause.  However, if an injury occurs, carriers could argue that the building owners were actively negligent allowing these tradespeople on the premises and therefore, the indemnity obligations of the carriers may not apply.  Issues of fault would have to be contested in a court of law against the well-financed legal teams of the carriers.  This lack of legal protection is only compounded by the insurance industry standard exclusion of RF injury claims from all property insurance policies.

NA&TSC creates simple customized safety plans, which provide safety for the workers and financial security for the building owner.  Through the safety process and RF Indemnity Shield™, NA&TSC guarantees worker safety and financial protection for site owners, including defense costs against RF claims.  This system is provided at no cost to the participants that follow the simple and effective protocol.

It’s time for the wireless industry to do the right thing and adopt the NA&TSC safety protocol. 

American workers and their families support the National Antenna & Tower Safety Center solution.

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