RF Safety Obligations of Municipalities

Municipalities own and operate their own wireless communications networks.  These entities are FCC licensees, lessors, employers and also contract outside tradespeople who perform their duties near transmitting antennas on municipal property.  This combination of various roles complicates their federally mandated responsibilities for RF radiation safety.

RF radiation injuries occurring on municipal property can lead to litigation and may result in judgements or settlements which ultimately will be the burden of the taxpayer.

City Hall Additionally, municipalities operate their own wireless networks to support public-run resources such as firefighting, law enforcement, and other local services.  As operators of a wireless network, municipalities are FCC-licensees and held responsible for ensuring the safety of individuals around the antennas (47 CFR § 1.1310(e)(3)).

Further complicating the problem of antenna safety for municipalities, commercial and municipal antennas are often co-located both on and off municipal property.  The issue arises that there are no clear boundaries to who owns ultimate responsibility for managing RF safety and compliance at these sites.  Injuries resulting from lapses by any party can still leave municipalities and their constituents open to litigation.

NA&TSC guarantees the safety of those that follow the protocol while working near RF transmitting antennas

National Antenna & Tower Safety Center (NA&TSC) recognizes the need to resolve the complications of shared safety responsibility and has developed a gold-standard protocol to include all wireless stakeholders in the safety process.  By standardizing the safety practices and equipping workers with the tools they need to stay safe while performing their duties, NA&TSC guarantees the safety of those that follow the protocol while working near RF transmitting antennas.

NA&TSC is donating its services and RF injury insurance coverage free of charge to municipalities that follow its protocol.  This eliminates the threat of litigation costs, settlements, and judgements affecting municipal budgets and taxpayers while ensuring fire fighters and 3rd party workers stay safe while performing their duties.

American workers and their families support the National Antenna & Tower Safety Center solution.

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