Protecting Tower Climbers

The Safety Problem

Traffic laws are meant to protect you, your family, and everyone else on the roads, but without enforcement, some laws get disregarded for the sake of convenience. Consider how drivers behave when a police car is present. Drivers pause longer at stop signs; speeds are reduced; lanes are changed more cautiously. The threat of being issued a ticket and fine increases driver awareness of rules and adherence to them. Well-intentioned rules, even when a matter of personal injury is at stake, do not increase safety by default. Enforcement is key.

Cell tower climber

Climber certifications from each safety authority are incorporated, maintained, monitored, and validated by NA&TSC.

The wireless industry is currently missing the enforcement aspect of a comprehensive safety program to fully protect climbers from falls and injuries and all other workers that must perform their duties near wireless antennas.

OSHA and the FCC each have a responsibility to enforce their respective health and safety laws as it pertains to the wireless telecommunication industry.  Unfortunately, both agencies have the unrealistic tasks of enforcing health and safety laws and regulations with no ability to fund the effort. This leaves the nation’s tower climbers potentially exposed to unsafe conditions.

Additionally, businesses that profit from the robust and ever-expanding wireless industry are well aware there are few repercussions in ignoring federal health and safety laws. For example, according to the Wall Street Journal, the FCC had issued only two citations to wireless carriers since 1996 for RF safety violations. No cops, no radar, no consequences.

The Comprehensive NA&TSC Safety Solution

NA&TSC globally patented an all-inclusive tower and RF safety system and protocol to address the safety issues facing the tower climbing industry. NA&TSC’s gold standard solution offers a neutral third-party approach, which handles the complex coordination challenges associated with multiple service providers and/or municipal agencies sharing the same tower site.

NA&TSC offers an automated system for monitoring climber training certifications and tower safety procedures at every active communication tower, which provides the accountability currently missing.

NA&TSC’s solution to tower climber and RF radiation safety is the only verified systematic site-specific safety system in the nation. The solution leverages the industry best practices and certification programs developed by other entities in the communications tower industry including DOL/TIRAP, NATE, NWSA and TIA.  Climber certifications from each safety authority are incorporated, maintained, monitored, and validated by NA&TSC.

It’s time for the wireless industry to do the right thing. 

American workers and their families support the National Antenna & Tower Safety Center solution.

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