The Comprehensive National Antenna & Tower Safety Center RF Safety Solution

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed the hazards of RF radiation exposure to first responders, industry and third-party workers performing their duties near wireless transmitting antennas. To address this worksite safety problem, National Antenna and Tower Safety Center (NA&TSC) created and patented an innovative, multi-layered RF safety system. This unique solution provides physical and financial protection to all wireless stakeholders including workers, contractors, site owners, municipalities, and carriers.

The comprehensive NA&TSC solution provides the following:

RF Safety Protocol Training

NA&TSC creates simple procedures for each wireless stakeholder to guarantee they are equipped with the knowledge and protocols to ensure all workers are safe near RF transmitting antennas worksites.

RF Indemnity Shield

NA&TSC offers RF Indemnity Shield™, the only RF insurance product backed by global insurers, to protect the financial interests of wireless stakeholders from litigation resulting from RF radiation related injuries.

Site-Customized RF Safety Information

NA&TSC equips workers with site-specific RF safety plans that clearly depict the RF radiation hazard areas and procedures to mitigate their exposure. Worksite safety information is provided in easy-to-understand formats and does not require the knowledge of an RF expert to stay safe.

Stakeholder Communication Hub

NA&TSC simplifies communication by creating a centralized hub to coordinate the actions and information of municipal and commercial FCC licensees, site owners, tower companies, contractors, and workers. By facilitating more efficient communication, each party can operate with the full knowledge necessary to perform their tasks safely.

Site Accountability & Traceability

NA&TSC provides the accountability and traceability of actions performed at wireless transmission sites. Today, the actions of industry and third-party workers are often impossible to track. The NA&TSC accountability system ensures the recordation of all site activities to validate compliance with the safety protocols.

Financial Protection

In 2015, Lloyd's of London excluded RF claims from coverage. Subsequently, NA&TSC partnered with some of the largest global insurance underwriters including Lloyd's of London syndicates and developed a comprehensive solution to offer RF Indemnity Shield™. This is the only RF safety insurance product endorsed by the insurance industry.

In closing, the NA&TSC comprehensive RF safety solution requires no governmental subsidies, tax incentives, or new regulations. No other solution available today can provide this type of protection for all wireless stakeholders while exceeding wireless transmission site compliance with FCC RF radiation regulations.

American workers and their families support the National Antenna & Tower Safety Center solution.

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