RF Indemnity Shield™

In 2013, AM Best, a leading insurance rating agency, described RF radiation as an emerging technology risk, for the insurance industry. They estimated 250,000 workers a year who perform their duties near high-energy cell phone antennas are exposed to RF radiation and the continued exponential growth of the industry will significantly increase exposure to these workers and others.

TV ad campaign

The wireless industry has two components that make it an attractive target for the plaintiffs’ bar in creating legacy litigation: deep pockets with annual revenue of $200 billion and utilization of hazardous RF radiation to deliver their products and services. It would only take one TV ad campaign from personal injury attorneys pointing to antennas and asking, “Have you ever worked near one of these?  You may have been unknowingly injured and entitled to a cash settlement or award.” This type of unmitigated risk was unacceptable for the insurance industry.

As a result, global insurers withdrew coverage for RF related injuries, leaving property owners, carriers, contractors, and municipalities unprotected from multiple-district litigation.  To address this emerging insurance crisis, NA&TSC leadership and their technologists developed applications and protocols that guarantee workers may perform their tasks safely around RF transmitting antennas.  After this technological development, NA&TSC collaborated with a Lloyd’s of London syndicate and a global insurer to provide RF radiation liability coverage for those entities that follow the NA&TSC safety protocol. The result of this collaboration is RF Indemnity Shield™—the only RF safety insurance product of its kind in the world.   

RF Indemnity Shield

RF Indemnity Shield™ financially safeguards all parties in the wireless ecosystem.  Policies cover claims and legal costs related to RF injuries for every wireless site and stakeholder utilizing the NA&TSC safety solution.  This will ensure the healthy growth of the wireless ecosystem.

RF Indemnity Shield™ is a 21st-century solution to a 21st-century problem and is provided at no cost to all wireless ecosystem participants who adhere to the NA&TSC safety protocol.

American workers and their families support the National Antenna & Tower Safety Center solution.