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Press Release

Safety Solution

NA&TSC manages the potential RF radiation hazards at wireless sites by offering a globally patented safety protocol, training & management web application, and insurance product to indemnify all wireless stakeholders.

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RF Indemnity Shield™

NA&TSC offers RF Indemnity Shield™, the only RF insurance product backed by global insurers, to protect the financial interests of wireless stakeholders from litigation resulting from RF radiation related injuries.

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NA&TSC provides site safety access control and ensures worker safety at licensee sites to meet FCC/OSHA regulations.

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Site Owners

NA&TSC ensures all workers entering a property are trained to work around RF emitting antennas.

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First Responders

NA&TSC provides detailed site safety information to protect first responders from RF hazards.

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NA&TSC provides insight into site safety and ensures worker safety at municipal sites hosting wireless facilities.

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NA&TSC provides audit capability to regulators to verify worker safety at each site.

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Utility Companies

NA&TSC ensures qualified and authorized workers perform duties at utility sites.

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Tower Companies

NA&TSC ensures qualified and authorized workers perform duties at telecommunication towers.

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Turf Vendors & Contractors

NA&TSC ensures industry workers are properly trained and informed while working near wireless transmitting antennas.

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3rd Party Contractors

NA&TSC protects workers by providing training and customized safety plans at each site.